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One of the most unique features of the Main Stage at Thalian Hall is the original Thunder Roll (sometimes called a Thunder Run) that uses wooden troughs and cannon balls to create the effect of thunder. At this point, only one other working Thunder Roll is known by Thalian Hall to exist, located in Bristol, England.


When the theatre was opened in 1858, the Thunder Roll helped set Thalian Hall apart from other theatres of the day as evidenced by an excerpt from the October 13th, 1858 edition of The Daily Herald. "As to the scenery we question whether finer work can be found in any theatre, and all necessary accessories, such as traps wings, slides, imitation thunder and rain, and in fact everything requisite to make this a first class theatre is found here."


Please explore below for a short video about the Thunder Roll and a diagram describing its operation.


The Thunder Roll's Location
Thunder Roll's Location
Diagram of the Thunder Roll's Operation
Diagram of Thunder Roll's Operation