Any building possessing the magnitude of years and history that Thalian Hall has is sure to gain notoriety for its hauntings and strange occurrences. Officially, we like to think that the odd events that happen in Thalian Hall are attributable not to a ghost, but to our Patron Goddess, Thalia, the Muse of Comedy.


Thalian Hall is a big place, and has its share of "cold spots" and eerie sounds, echoes of voices and occasional unexplained relocation or disappearance of tools, scripts, makeup, etc. When you're alone or nearly alone, it's sometimes hard to avoid getting the "creeps" in this big old place.


Certainly the largest numbers of ghost sighting reports come from the actors who perform on the Main Stage. Many have reported seeing two gentlemen and a woman in 19th-century dress wandering the 1st balcony during rehearsals or performances (but we all know show-people have a slight tendency to embellish.)


Other strange occurrences:

  • The time a show director's small dog somehow made it's way to the third-floor gallery and was seemingly tossed over the rail to land in the first floor audience: unharmed.
  • The discovery of skeletal remains under the floor in 1988 and 2010. (The building is built on a sand-dune after-all, and local pre-Columbian Native Americans buried their dead in sand dunes.)