In the Administrative Office...



Tony Rivenbark, Executive & Artistic Director (Email: trivenbark@thalianhall.org)


Tracy Meadows, Finance Director (Email: finance@thalianhall.org)


Jarrett Donmoyer, Operations Director (Email: jdonmoyer@thalianhall.org)


Melissa White, Development Director (Email: mwhite@thalianhall.org)


Cole Marquis, Production Manager (Email: colemarquis@thalianhall.org)


Judy Greenhut, Box Office Manager (Email: jgreenhut@thalianhall.org)


Lily Nelson, Artist Services (Email: lnelson@thalianhall.org)


Michael Morelli, Facilities Manager (Email: mmorelli@thalianhall.org)


Zach Peschl, Information Technology and Graphic Design  ( Email: zpeschl@thalianhall.org)