What's hanging in the Ruth & Bucky Stein Studio Theatre:

About The Show




Art by Jonathan Summit


Exhibition will hang January 9th - January 24th in the Little Gallery in the Ruth and Bucky Stein Theatre at Thalian Hall. The Reception will be held on January 20th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.



About The Artist

"A good painting should have a magnetic relationship with the viewer drawing them in first by the entirety of the image and then taking them on a journey over the paths and dimensions layered in the image. My goal is lofty. To connect in a profound way with other individuals and share an experience that is unique to each person. To glimpse a world apart from one’s own and live in it for a moment, to be in the scene, not just viewing it.

My best paintings combine as well as create light, color, composition, and illusion. The inspiration of enviroment, music, dance, poetry, sculpture, still, and film photography captured in a moment that hopefully more than endures. It actually grows in it’s mystery and beauty with every viewing. This visual, emotional,  conscious, and subconscious feeling can be powerful.

Hopefully I can create at least one moment in time that is a break from your current reality."

- Jonathan Summit