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There is now a silver lining for Thalian Hall audiences who were disappointed to learn that legendary actor, Hal Holbrook, would not be performing his iconic role as the beloved American humorist, Mark Twain. In a written statement announcing his retirement Mr. Holbrook says, “I have thought about this quietly for a long time. I know it must end, this long effort to do a good job. Discussing our country and the way we think, with Mark Twain, has been my privilege and an honor. Now it is time to let it go.”


Fortunately, that continuing conversation about the country and the way we think will not be lost. The baton is being picked up by another famous American. Instead of hearing the message from Mark Twain, the messenger discussing issues of the day will be the 33rd president of the United States, Harry S. Truman.


“Give ‘em Hell, Harry” with the former president’s actual grandson playing the title role, premiers at Thalian Hall’s Stein Theater for a two-week run beginning Thursday, October 12 -22nd. Now Clifton Truman Daniel will add another dimension to his performance as he embodies one of the most effective, popular, and straight-talking presidents, ever to inhabit the Oval Office.


On Friday, October 20th at 7:30PM  (For One Night Only)  President Harry S. Truman will tread the boards of the Main Stage at Thalian Hall and talk to audiences about a slew of  wide ranging topics like, weapons of mass destruction, how to handle North Korea, civil rights and so on. It’s the kind of night Mark Twain would have liked.


And you will too!


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