What is the Cinematique Sofa Series?

The Cinematique Sofa Series provides curated suggestions of independent, foreign, and documentary films that can be streamed online. In most cases, these are films that would otherwise be showing at Historic Thalian Hall, were it not for the mandatory closures.

How do I watch?

Click on the "RENT NOW" button on our website and newsletter, or follow the links we share on social media. These unique links are provided by the distributor, and will take you to a third party streaming platform to enter payment details.

Where can I watch?

All films can be streamed on your desktop computer or laptop, using various internet browsers (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer). Some films may also be available to stream on other devices such as your cellphone, tablet, or television, depending upon which third party streaming platform is being used.

Does this work on my TV?

Maybe. Maybe not. We wish we had a better answer, but it depends upon which third party streaming platform is being used. Most current smart TVs also support various web browsers, but not all. If you're sheltering in place with a Millennial or Gen Z’er, ask them for technical advice.

What types of films will be shown?

Cinematique Sofa Series offers the same classic mix of independent, foreign, and documentary films that the Cinematique Film Series at Historic Thalian Hall has come to be known.

Does this help Historic Thalian Hall?

YES! For every film offered by the Cinematique Sofa Series, a portion of the proceeds from your purchase is shared with Historic Thalian Hall and WHQR Public Media to help us maintain operations during this crisis.

When will Historic Thalian Hall be open again?

We are excited to welcome you all back to Historic Thalian Hall as soon as the appropriate local, state and federal agencies deem it safe to do so. In the meantime, we are working diligently with our local and touring partners to reschedule as many events possible, and try innovative things like this.

We will update you as soon we have confirmed information on rescheduled events and will do our best to accommodate you.

Until we finally raise the curtain again, you can support Historic Thalian Hall by becoming a member, buying a gift card, or donating the cost of any tickets you have purchased for a canceled event or postponed event which you will be unable to attend.